22-24 Feb 2021 Paris (France)

Double-Peak emission line galaxies

This workshop will focus on double-peak emission line galaxies (DP galaxies) as a window into the fate of galaxies. We will investigate how the properties of these systems fit in the overall evolution of galaxies. While identifying genuine dual-AGN candidates is challenging and corresponds to very few objects, it exists a population of DP galaxies that are mainly star-forming or composite, with a central enhancement of their star formation activity. They also have characteristics of late stage mergers, even though their morphology is normal. 

The main topics discussed during this workshop will be:

- Identification of double-peak emission line galaxies through spectroscopy

- Spatially-resolved analysis to constrain the DP galaxies properties

- Comparison with simulations and other observations

- Complementary observations to refine understanding of DP galaxies (radio emission, molecular gas, etc).




Given the current sanitary recommendations, the workshop is at the moment limited to 25 attendees.

If you would like to register, please contact the scientific organisers (see "@ Contact" menu on the left) before December 15th 2020.

The abstract submission deadline is on January 15th 2021. All submissions will be reviewed by the SOC and the selected participants will be contacted.


Observatoire de Paris

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75014 Paris

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