22-24 Feb 2021 Paris (France)

Double-Peak emission line galaxies

This workshop will focus on double-peak emission line galaxies (DP galaxies) as a window into the fate of galaxies. We will investigate how the properties of these systems fit in the overall evolution of galaxies. While identifying genuine dual-AGN candidates is challenging and corresponds to very few objects, it exists a population of DP galaxies that are mainly star-forming or composite, with a central enhancement of their star formation activity. They also have characteristics of late stage mergers, even though their morphology is normal. 

The main topics discussed during this workshop will be:

- Identification of double-peak emission line galaxies through spectroscopy

- Spatially-resolved analysis to constrain the DP galaxies properties

- Comparison with simulations and other observations

- Complementary observations to refine understanding of DP galaxies (radio emission, molecular gas, etc).




Given the current sanitary recommendations, the workshop will be a virtual meeting.

The abstract submission deadline is on February 8th 2021. All submissions will be reviewed by the SOC.


Observatoire de Paris

77, avenue Denfert-Rochereau

75014 Paris


The workshop will be held online.

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